JAAVSO v22n2





Volume 22 Number 2 1993
101 High-Speed Photometry of Symbiotic Systems
Margarita Karovska, Thomas G. Barnes, Marian Frueh
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105 Analysis of Long-Term AAVSO Observations of RS Ophiuchi
Benjamin D. Oppenheimer, Janet A. Mattei
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110 Three Selected Low-Amplitude Cepheids
Imants Platais, Georgi Mandushev
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116 The Period of RS Sextantis
David B. Williams
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121 Preliminary Photoelectric Light Curve for DHK 29 = SAO 70629
Daniel H. Kaiser, Jerry B. Gunn, Charles F. Lamb, Phillip Sullivan
  abstract pdf  
125 Searching for Intrinsic Variations in Eclipsing Binary Stars
Stephen P. Cook
  abstract pdf  
133 IS HR 1469 = NSV 1671 A Constant Star?
Arthur J. Bradley, Dorrit Hoffleit, Imants Platais
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136 Access to Astronomy Data and Services Via the Astrophysics Data System (ADS)
Guenther Eichhorn
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145 From O-C to SCUSUM+
Grant Foster
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154 Major Features of the CCD Photometry Software Data Acquisition and Reduction Package Distributed by Optec, Inc.
Jon Dickinson
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