JAAVSO v23n2





Volume 23 Number 2 1995
94 The Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope Observations of Dwarf Novae
Knox S. Long
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106 Dramatic Period Decrease in T Ursae Minoris
Janet A. Mattei, Grant Foster
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117 Discovery of the Optical Counterpart of the X-Ray Nova GRO J1655-40
Jerome A. Orosz
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123 Photometry of EU Delphini in V and I
Raymond R. Thompson
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127 CCD Photometry of SN 1974G from Photographic Plates Using a Kodak DCS200 Camera
Valorie Burkholder
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135 Using Old Tricks to Discover New Variable Stars
Daniel H. Kaiser
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138 Abstracts presented at the Annual Meeting of the AAVSO, October 15, 1994, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Various Authors
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