Three New Eccentric Eclipsing Binary Systems in the
OGLE-II Database


Marco Ciocca
Department of Physics and Astronomy, Eastern Kentucky University, 521 Lancaster Avenue, Moore 351, Richmond, KY 40475

Stefan Hümmerich
Stiftstr. 4, Braubach, D-56338, Germany

Received February 10, 2014; revised April 15, 2014; accepted April 15, 2014


During a search for new binary stars in the publicly available data from the second phase of the OGLE project (OGLE-II), we have identified three new eclipsing binary systems which exhibit various degrees of eccentricity. We have computed models for all systems using binarymaker3 (BM3) and present model fits, residual plots and basic parameters of the stars, along with detailed information on the BM3 parameters used in the modelling process. Our models—which produce good fits to the observed OGLE-II light curves—provide starting points for further (multicolour photometric and spectroscopic) observations of these interesting binary systems.