Recent Minima of 155 Eclipsing Binary Stars

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Gerard Samolyk

PO Box 20939, Greenfield WI 53220

Received March 7, 2008; revised March 26, 2008, accepted March 26, 2008

The AAVSO’s publication of times of minima for eclipsing binary stars has shifted from the recent publication series, Observed Minima Timings of Eclipsing Binaries, Number 1–12, back to the JAAVSO. Times of minima from observations made in the past eight months are presented. New light elements for AC CMi have been calculated from recent AAVSO observations:

Min(JD) = 2451978.7504 + 0.867216691 E
± 0.0004± 0.00000024


Dataset: jsamoj362.txt

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