CI Cygni 2010 Outburst and Eclipse: An Amateur Spectroscopic Survey—First Results From Low Resolution Spectra


François Teyssier

67 Rue Jacques Daviel, Rouen 76100, France

Received January 10, 2011; revised February 10, 2011; accepted February 11, 2011


The aim of this document is to present the amateur spectroscopic survey of the 2010 outburst of symbiotic star CI Cygni by Christian Buil, Thierry Garrel, Benjamin Mauclaire, François Teyssier, Eric Sarrazin, and Pierre Dubreuil (ARAS—Astronomical Ring for Access to Spectroscopy). This outburst coincides with an eclipse of the hot component by the late-type giant star. After a brief review of the current knowledge of this system, the campaign is presented. The first results obtained from low-resolution spectra are described: main emission lines (equivalent width and absolute flux) and continuum evolution in comparison with the CCD V light curve obtained by AAVSO observers.

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