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Nine New Variable Stars in Cygnus and Variability Type Determination of [Wm2007] 1176


Riccardo Furgoni

Keyhole Observatory, Via Fossamana 86, S. Giorgio di Mantova (MN), Italy
AAMN Gorgo Astronomical Observatory MPC 434, S. Benedetto Po (MN), Italy

Received October 3, 2012; revised November 28, 2012; accepted December 3, 2012


I report the discovery of nine new variable stars in Cygnus: five pulsating (VSX J192319.8+280832, VSX J192405.8+280352, VSX J192220.7+275518, VSX J192304.4+280231, VSX J192255.1+274744) and four eclipsing (VSX J192252.4+280217, VSX J192251.4+280456, VSX J192226.0+281019, VSX J192524.9+275342). The variability type of the variable star [WM2007] 1176, that was considered in literature a possible RRC, was found to be a W UMa variable with an obvious O'Connell effect.

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