New Light Elements for the High Amplitude delta Scuti Star
BS Aquarii


Roy Axelsen
P.O. Box 706, Kenmore, Queensland 4069, Australia

Received January 13, 2014; revised February 19, 2014; accepted March 3, 2014


DSLR photometry of the monoperiodic, high amplitude delta Scuti star BS Aquarii yielded five times of maximum in September and October 2013. These data were analyzed with twenty-two times of maximum obtained by other observers from 1973 to 1995. New light elements were calculated, revealing a period of 0.197822765 day (± 0.000000010) at HJD 2456543.0250 (± 0.0005). These light elements represent a linear ephemeris, with no significant change in the period of the star from 1973 to 2013. The data do not support the previous suggestion in the literature of an unseen companion affecting the O–C diagram.