eps Aur abstract: Cole

Polarimetry of epsilon Aurigae, From November 2009 to January 2012


Gary M. Cole

Starphysics Observatory, 14280 W. Windriver Lane, Reno, NV 89511;

Received March 20, 2012; revised May 17, 2012; accepted June 25, 2012


During the 2010–2012 eclipse of epsilon Aurigae, the author obtained linear polarization measurements during 200 nights of observation over three observing seasons. These observations began before second contact and have extended some six months into the post-eclipse period. Measurements were made in V, B, and R photometric bands. The polarization of epsilon Aurigae was observed to vary by nearly 0.6% peak to valley during this period in cycles of varying duration. These variations resemble, at a qualitative level, those seen by Kemp and Henson during the 1984 eclipse egress. In particular they show evidence of local polarization activity extending well past 4th contact.