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Information on the observation and analysis of stars and other objects that are sources of x-rays and gamma rays.

48 228 By Bikeman 1 week 5 days ago

FITS images from a video stream

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
SGEO Mon, 05/16/2022 - 18:58

If I am trying to capture photometry for a SuperNova event, one of my fears would be over exposing the images. That would be sad: to be on target for the event but then capturing nothing of value.

What if the DSLR was put into a video mode? Is there experience with video-to-fits? That way you could stack your fits images to any SNR you would like.



How to prepare for DSLR observations of the coming SN event

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
SGEO Thu, 05/05/2022 - 14:43

In the presentations about SNEWS they talk about how amateurs can contribute with DSLR observations.

The advantages are:
-  It would be quick to setup
-  It's 3 color photometry automatically

But there are problems:
- the target might be very bright
- what if comp stars are not available?

I'd like to start a discussion about how to be prepared to do DSLR observations of a SN.

If the event is so bright that it can be done in daylight, how does one calibrate and establish comps?



This could be interesting: Public Lecture on Neutrino Astronomy, April 5, 2022 at 4:30 PM EDT (UTC-4)

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Bikeman Thu, 03/24/2022 - 22:02

If you don't already know the Space Telescope Public lecture series, this might be a good reason to explore it:

Topic: Neutrino Astronomy: A New Window into the Extreme Universe


Speaker: Marcos Santander, University of Alabama

Date: Tuesday, April 5, 2022 at 4:30 PM EDT (UTC-4)

Livestream: https://youtu.be/CDAolatU2HE

Information: http://www.stsci.edu/public-lectures





Software Recommendation: ASTRO-Colibri

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Bikeman Thu, 03/24/2022 - 20:23

Astro-Colibri is an application that alerts astronomers in real-time about astronomical transients like GRBs and supernovae. It is very useful if you wnt to get into the habit of being prepared to observe Gamma-Ray-Outbursts, e.g. as targets of opportunity while your observatory is ready doing other tasks.


Astro-Colibri can be used as a web-application, or, perhaps more useful when you want to be alerted in real-time, as a smart phone app for iOS and Android devices.

Interested? Check out : https://astro-colibri.herokuapp.com/

SWIFT still not fully "repaired", good time to discover GRB afterglows from Earth

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Bikeman Sat, 02/26/2022 - 23:56

After suffering the loss of a reaction wheel, the SWIFT satellite was abe to partially resume it's science mission on Feb 17th, but it seems it is still not fully capable to swiftly (forgive me the pun) slew automatically to observe optical Gamma Ray Burst *afterglows*, this leaves an interesting opportunity for us terrestrial observers.

SDSSJ1430+2303/NSV6690 SMBH Binary Collision Candidate

pbealo@comcast.net Tue, 02/08/2022 - 23:01

An interesting paper on a potential binary SMBH imminent collision was published at: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2201.11633.pdf  recently.

Researcher Dr. Ning Jiang has requested observations in B and V of NSV 6690, the optical AGN of SDSSJ1430+2303.

AAVSO Sequence Team member Chuck Cynamon has updated the sequence and chart for NSV 6690.

Several observers are already contributing data to the database on this object.

Dr. Jiang is especially asking for data from systems with 1 arcsec pixel size or less, but all data is welcome.

Spectra are appreciated.