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GR Ori time series needed

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Matthew Templeton
GR Ori time series needed

Hi everyone,

If you're able to do CCD time series, observations of GR Ori would be very welcome over the next few weeks.  Spectra by Terry Bohlsen and others made clear this is a CV rather than a nova, and given the amplitude it is likely to be a WZ Sge star.  Given that, superhumps may start to appear in the near future.  If you can get good S/N (> 20) in under 5 minutes at V=14-15, it's worth your time.

If you're using old charts for this, please update them -- both the coordinates and the sequence were updated in the past few days.

Many thanks to the observers currently following this star!

Clear skies,

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GR Ori

To:   Matt,

My photometry is flexiable, but this object hits meridian about 1-2 hrs after it get dark.  Would it be better to do a single Clear filter as V series for maximum SNR or a BBBVVVRRRBBBVVVRRR series?  Using filters increases my exposure time by about 3x.  I seem to get the best "contrast" from my light polluted sky with the B filter.  The R & V filter shows more backround sky vingnettting, because I'm looking over downtown LA where this object sets.


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