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Possible New Variable in Hercules: Var Her 04

A possible new variable has been discovered in Hercules. The nature of this object is not yet known although it now appears to be a catacylsmic variable. It does not appear to be a classical nova, and is quite blue. At this time it appears to be a UGWZ type dwarf novae. UGWZ stars have very infrequent outbursts decades apart.

Last updated: Tue Nov 9 11:35:59 EST 2004

PUBLISHED!: Our paper detailing the results of this campaign has been accepted for publication in the December, 2004 issue of PASP. Among the coauthors are 19 AAVSO observers.

Read it here:
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Thanks to all the observers who made it happen! This is due to your time and effort.

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Above spectrum by Maurice Gavin.

Above spectrum by Maurice Gavin.

The mysterious blue star 1835+25 (VAR HER 04). North is up and east is left. Image taken by James Bedient and Dr. Jana Pittichova (probably June 22 UT) and has a FOV = 2.0 x 2.3 'arc. Taken using a 2.2-meter telescope on Mauna Kea under light cirrus with 0.9 "arc seeing, yielding a FWHM resolution of ~1.5 "arc for 7-second exposures. Image reproduced with permission from Bruce Gary and has been resized for this web page.

Click image to enlarge. The red symbols are CCDV observations from the Quick Look site. The blue square symbols are for CCDV measurements that have been corrected for the observer's unique system color response (i.e., "CCD transformation equation corrected") and they are an average for the observing session. Reproduced with permission from Bruce Gary.

Above: Color image of the Field of View. North is up, east is to the left. [Celestron CGE-1400, HyperStar prime focus transition lens, SBIG CFW-8, Custom Scientific filters, SBIG ST-8XE CCD; exposure times are 16x10s, 13x10s and 17x10s for R, V and B; Hereford, AZ]. Image reproduced with permission from Bruce Gary and has been resized and cropped for this web page.

Above: Click image to enlarge. Image of Var Her 04 at 11.8 mag by Msgr. Ron Royer. All info is on image, field size is 15 x 10 minutes of arc.

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