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How many starts are zapped ?

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How many starts are zapped ?

How many stars are validated a week, month?

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How many stars are zapped?

Hi David,

Unfortunately, I can't really answer that question very well. It is all pretty random as anyone using LCGv2, VStar or Zapper, can zap something any time they like. We have no formal rules for zappers and aside from a couple of people who have done quite a bit of validation over the years, I don't think anyone is doing it regularly. Another thing to consider is that even after a star is scrutinized and the discrepant points are flagged, someone may come along and submit a discrepant point the very next day. It is definitely a "moving target" and something that we can never really say is finished.

I will contact you offline with a suggested list of stars to work on.

Many thanks,


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