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Hundreds of new CVs found through data mining

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Hundreds of new CVs found through data mining

Hi everyone,

Recently I published two new sets of new variable stars. This is my first such release on my site. Both sets consist of 820 new targets in total, where >70% of them are cataclysmic variables (the rest are mostly YSOs). These findings are data-mining ones based on publicly available ZTF data.

There are many interesting variables in the set. Eclipsing variables around NL/VYs, UGZ/IWs, UGZs or UGSS-type targets. Outbursting NL/VYs, multiple UGERs or even UG+E objects greatly increased the amount of such types in the VSX database. Mostly these are faint ones (17-19 mag in maximum), however some brighter (15-16) ones are also present.

The list increases the amount of cataclysmic variables by about 5%. Many of them will slowly become revealed by Gaia too. For example, one of the latest batch publications (on 18th October) shows outburst detections of already submitted MGAB-V560, MGAB-V646, MGAB-V884 and MGAB-V983.

New variables can be found through VSX and soon will be available also in VizieR (after a weekly update). Tables and light curves are available at:

More lists (and website updates) are coming soon. Suggestions and comments are welcome!

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