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Hundreds of new CVs found through data mining

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Hundreds of new CVs found through data mining

Hi everyone,

Recently I published two new sets of new variable stars. This is my first such release on my site. Both sets consist of 820 new targets in total, where >70% of them are cataclysmic variables (the rest are mostly YSOs). These findings are data-mining ones based on publicly available ZTF data.

There are many interesting variables in the set. Eclipsing variables around NL/VYs, UGZ/IWs, UGZs or UGSS-type targets. Outbursting NL/VYs, multiple UGERs or even UG+E objects greatly increased the amount of such types in the VSX database. Mostly these are faint ones (17-19 mag in maximum), however some brighter (15-16) ones are also present.

The list increases the amount of cataclysmic variables by about 5%. Many of them will slowly become revealed by Gaia too. For example, one of the latest batch publications (on 18th October) shows outburst detections of already submitted MGAB-V560, MGAB-V646, MGAB-V884 and MGAB-V983.

New variables can be found through VSX and soon will be available also in VizieR (after a weekly update). Tables and light curves are available at:

More lists (and website updates) are coming soon. Suggestions and comments are welcome!

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I was wondering if you would be willing to explain to me how the process of data mining works and how you go about finding these new variables.

I've searched the AAVSO site but only found inactive pages as far back as 2012 and earlier. 

Any help is appreciated!

Going to look at your tables and light curves now. :)

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