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Observer Affiliations Table

The following is a list of variable star organization codes as given in column 20 ("Observer Affiliation") in files downloaded via our Data Download facility.

Please note that for data prior to 2011, this field will reflect the organization from which the AAVSO received the data (e.g. AFOEV or RASNZ).  After 2011, this field will reflect the observer's own stated affiliation if they submit their own observations via WebObs and have chosen to select an Affiliation other than the AAVSO.

Henden Bumps

On three recent occasions, we updated the comparison star database to improve the photometry. The first update was JD 2454397 (Oct 24, 2007) when we updated 21,826 comparison stars whose photometry differed by less than 0.2mag from the existing chart labels. A second similar update of 6,451 stars took place on JD 2454596 (May 10, 2008).