Demographic Survey Results and Google Map

In late 2011 we asked you to fill out a membership demographic survey. Participation in the survey was remarkable, with 615 people responding. An analysis of the results have recently been submitted to the JAAVSO and accepted for publication. A pre-print can be downloaded via the link below.

Also, Kevin Paxson created a Google Map of members and observers, which can be viewed via the link below:

Please Take Our Demographic Survey

We are conducting a survey to learn more about the demographics of our members, observers and anyone affiliated with or interested in the AAVSO. Information may be used for purposes such as making strategic plans for the AAVSO, writing grant applications, planning observing campaigns, writing papers about our membership, etc.

Identifiable survey data will never be shared with anyone outside of the AAVSO.

Minor Planet Pebble

AAVSO member, observer and science educator Dr. Pebble Richwine has had a minor planet named in her honor - 268242 Pebble. Pebble did her PhD in science education at the University of Arizona where her dissertation was on using variable stars in elementary school science education. She's given talks at many AAVSO meetings and is currently a science educator in Georgia.

Here is the official citation: