T Pyx

Campaign to monitor the recurrent nova T Pyx throughout 2011 eruption

April 15, 2011: Dr Bradley Schaefer (Louisiana State University) has initiated an international campaign to observe the recurrent nova T Pyx during its current eruption (see AAVSO Alert Notices 436 and 437). He asks the assistance of the AAVSO and our observers, and writes:

Special Notice #231: T Pyx Observations Requested

February 1, 2011: Sumner Starrfield (Arizona State University) has informed us that Chandra is currently observing the cataclysmic variable T Pyx.  He and his colleagues would like supporting optical monitoring of the star during the visitation.  One visit is happening now; the next and final visit will occur on February 5 (UT).

T Pyxidis

Enjoy the Silence

Sixteen years ago, you might have looked up at the night sky and expected to observe T Pyxidis shining at a brilliant 7th magnitude - in outburst for the sixth time since 1890. You would have been disappointed though, because there was no outburst that year, or the year after ... or the year after that. In fact, for a recurrent nova with an average of 19 years between outbursts, T Pyxidis is more than fashionably late to the party. This star is way overdue for an outburst and when it happens, some people think it is going to be a big one.