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Ed Wiley_WEY
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Ed Wiley here. I am from Lawrence, Kansas. I run my photometry research from an observatory in the backyard. Equipment consists of an 8" Schmidt-Newtonian (F4) on a Losmandy G-11 and an SBIG 402ME with BVI internal filters. For software I use CCD Shoft and SkyX for CCD control and plate solving and guide with PhD and a small refractor. My primary interests are perfecting my flats and learning more about calbration. I am hoping that flat evaluation is a part of the course. Also, I just finished the Uncertainty course which was very informative.

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another intro

I'm Daniel Zaharevitz and I live in Frederick, MD. I also have a 8" Schmidt-Newtonian (F4) and it is on a CGEM mount. I have a SBIG ST-9. I have been using Equinox on a Mac laptop for data acquistion and cmunipack on a linux box for data analysis. I've only been doing photometry for a few months and I am mainly interested in eclipsing binaries and exoplanet transits.

2 in Frederick, MD

This is interesting.  I'm Joe Kalen and there are two AAVSO members located in Frederick, MD taking this course.  I have a 8" SCT (Celestron CPC), wedge, and a DSLR (Canon 40D).  My interest is to improve my DSLR imaging and have fun doing research with astronomy (correlating photometry and spectroscopy).

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Hi group,

my name is Rolf Carstens, I am original from Germany but living

now in Rotorua, New Zealand for over 30 years.

I used to work nights and had not a lot of time for the Night Sky,

but over the years I have been busy building a small observatory

with a roll of roof, with a Meade 10" SCT and a SBIG St-7/E camera.

I am retired now and learn my way around Variable Stars, there are so

many of them they will keep me busy for many years to come. I can

control my scope from inside the house, it is more comfortable sitting here

in my office than outside in the cold observatory. I have joint the Choice

Course to learn more about Variable Stars and to be sure the Data I send

to the AAVSO and other organizations is reliable and useful.


Cheers, Rolf

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Hello everyone,

I'm John Haynes and I live in Albuquerque, NM.  I'm new to CCD photometry but I've being doing astrophotography for a while.  My current setup includes a William Optics FLT 4" refractor, Losmandy G-11 mount, and an SBIG ST-10XE camera.   I also have an Orion ShortTube 80 with StarShoot autoguider that I use for guiding.  I mainly use MaximDL for both image capture and processing/photometry, though being a software engineer and general computer geek I have a lot of other software around I'd like to explore including AIP and IRAF. Since my experience with image calibration so far has been in the context of "pretty picture" astrophotography, I'm hoping this couse will give me a more thorough and quantitative understanding of calibration in the context of photometry, with a better understanding of what's actually happening to signal and noise through each calibration step. 



hi, my name is jim boardman. i live in de soto, wi. i have been interested in astronomy since the middle 70's. i am currently trying to learn how to do photometry. my current equipment is an 12"lx-200acf which has been converted to a sidereal technologies control system and a sbig 8-xme camera with astrodon filters.

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