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JAAVSO Vol 47, No 2, 2019 is published - access open to everyone

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JAAVSO Vol 47, No 2, 2019 is published - access open to everyone

Volume 47, Number 2 of the Journal of the AAVSO was published today (15 December 2019)!  As a result of a decision by the AAVSO Board, the full content is now available online to everyone, members and non-members. A print version will be available to everyone for purchase soon and will be announced. To access the issue and see the table of contents, please go to this page:

We hope you will enjoy this issue of JAAVSO - and will consider publishing your research results in a future issue!

Happy reading!

Elizabeth O. Waagen, Associate Editor

and on behalf of Nancy D. Morrison, Editor-in-Chief, and Michael Saladyga, Production Editor

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JAAVSO - now open access

Thanks, Elizabeth, for the post. 

Because of a vote by the AAVSO Board of Directors at its meeting last October in Las Cruces, NM, all articles in the Journal of the AAVSO are accessible to anyone immediately on publication. Please tell your friends that they can now easily read your report of your research results. 

We look forward to joining the community of open-access journals. Thanks to the Board of Directors for its forward-looking action!

--- Nancy Morrison, Editor-in-Chief, JAAVSO

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