V841 Ophiuchi

Among bright novae, the name "V841 Oph" probably doesn't spring to mind immediately.  That's probably because it went into outburst in 1848!  This nova, discovered by the famed British observer J.R. Hind, erupted in May 1848 and was observed by a few variable star observers of the time, including Friedrich Argelander whose data we show here.  Although the AAVSO didn't exist at the time, Argelander's observations were recorded in many places, and were brought into the Harvard archives by Director E.C. Pickering.  Now, with the help of volunteer Kevin Paxson, these observations are now available in the AAVSO International Database.  There are lots of other interesting objects to be found in older archives, and several AAVSO volunteers are helping bring these observations to light again. Thanks to their dedication, we hope to have more of this available online to everyone over the coming months and years.