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Looking for some data for my students to use while they learn VPhot

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Looking for some data for my students to use while they learn VPhot

Hello everyone!

I am teaching an astrophysics course at Bridgewater State University (MA) this fall and they are going to learn some research skills in this class. I got a small grant to pay for their student memberships to the AAVSO (there are 6 of them) and now they have access to VPhot. We are almost ready to test data from our own observatory to use in the system, but I'd like for them to be able to practice on data we know works.

Two years ago (when I taught the course last), I did the same thing. At that time, I asked on this message board if anyone had a small pile of calibrated data ready for use in VPhot that the students could use to practice doing photometry, and several people responded. In the end we used quite a bit of data from Ken Menzies, who actually came with his wife to hear the students' classroom poster presentations. (Thanks again, Ken!!) I did not save the data, however.

So, I am sending my request out into the AAVSO-verse again. Does anyone have variable star data that we could use for the students to learn photometry? At most from three objects - they will work in pairs to check their work - and I am open to suggestions about which objects (maybe even the same object, three different filters!?) I do remember someone offered 20,000 images last time, but we don't need that many! None of this work is intended to be published, by the way - purely for educational purposes.

I also hope I am remembering this right that we can share data with each other directly through VPhot, correct? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!



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