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New Novae???

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New Novae???

Hi all,

I was doing photometry on V1108 Her and decided to zoom into NGC 6671. I noticed it had a distinct center, but it also had a bright object on the outer edge. I am a beginner so I am just wondering if it is a Novae. I have checked the photos of NPC 6671, and there is no bright objects in those, but it is hard to be sure. The link to my photo is below, NPC 6671 is between the two brighter stars in the center. Any comments?

I hope the photo is accessible, as it should have public access.

Frank Guenther

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NOMAD1 1164-0330184

Hi Frank - that V-mag 13.47 star appears in other images unfortunately.  In many wider scale images the galaxy is 'blown out' and it masks the existence of the star.  It shows clearly in DSS images.  Here's another shot from a quick search on Google images, taken in 1998:

Nicely spotted though!


Cheers -

Rob Kaufman (KBJ)

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Thank you for checking.  I

Thank you for checking.  I searched the web and could not find one without the galaxy blown out.  Did not show on my Skyx either.  Oh well, I will continue to look...



Frank Guenther

no new object?

Hi, Frank Guenther,


I checked an image of NGC6674 at CDS SIMBAD.

I compared your image with SIMBAD's and  could not confirm any new object.


I also check and there are no recent supernova in NGC 6671.

 Seiichiro Kiyota

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