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Complete AAVSO Store Inventory

All of the items on this page are available for purchase by contacting the AAVSO.

Additional items are available via an off-site print on demand AAVSO store!


Limited Edition AAVSO T-Shirt. Available through the AAVSO Online Store. Free with purchase of Centennial Book!

Hubble Stamp Sale - ONLY TWO REMAINING!
$30.00 per sheet

Edwin Hubble commemorative stamp panes issued by the US Postal Service. First day of issue for the stamps was April 10, 2000, and they have a face value of the 2000 first-class rate of 33 cents. These stamps, donated by AAVSO member Paul Norris, depict five famous images from the Hubble Space Telescope. The pane also commemorates World Stamp Expo 2000 held in Anaheim, CA in July of that year. The reverse of the individual stamps each contain a brief description of the image on the obverse.

Limited Edition AAVSO Travel Mug. Acrylic insulated inner liners and a hook shaped handle for easy grab. They also have plastic lids with spill prevention slide locks to keep your hot and cold beverages inside. Ideal for your next star party.


Limited Edition AAVSO Tote Bag. Just what you need to get your groceries home, no more plastic!!
AAVSO PUBLICATION SUBSCRIPTIONS - Click here for more information
Publications Package
This package includes a 12 month subscription to all issues of the: JAAVSO, AAVSO Bulletin, AAVSO Solar Bulletin, AAVSO Newsletter (full color), and the AAVSO Annual Report.
Subscription to JAAVSO only
The Journal of the AAVSO contains the results of research on variable stars mostly by AAVSO members.
Subscription to AAVSO Bulletin only
The AAVSO Bulletin contains predicted dates of maxima and minima of variable stars in a schematic representation. Subscription to AAVSO Solar Bulletin only
The AAVSO Solar Bulletin contains information on and photos of solar activity, including sunspots and solar flares.

Available through Cambridge University Press.

The Journal of the AAVSO (JAAVSO)

The main variable star research publication of the AAVSO. See this page for more information.
The AAVSO Bulletin
$50.00 for print copy for non-members
Predicted Dates of Maxima and Minima of Long Period Variables
Fundamental tool in planning your observing schedule each month. It contains predicted dates of maxima and minima in a schematic representation. Visit the Bulletin Page for more information, or to find an electronic copy.
Misfortunes as Blessing in Disguise
The Story of My Life
By Dorrit Hoffleit

Available through the AAVSO Online Store.
Women in the History of Variable Star Astronomy

1993, by Dorrit Hoffleit (62 pages) Chronicles the important role that women have played and continue to play in the field of variable star astronomy. Includes sections titled: The Pre-Photographic Years, Enter: The Women At Harvard, Statistics of Discovery, Photometry, Interpretation of Light Curves, Spectroscopy, Birth to Death of Variable Stars, and the Role of the AAVSO. A very interesting historical record.
The Education of American Women Astronomers Before 1960

1994, by Dorrit Hoffleit (51 pages); Briefly outlines the meager availability of courses in astronomy to American women, a comparison of Maria Mitchell to her contemporary British women astronomers, a discussion of the achievments of Mitchell's Vassar students, and a discussion of Harvard's role in the training of women and the opening of colleges for women.
Some Stars, Some Music: The Memoirs of Clinton B. Ford

1986 (47 pages); The fascinating autobiography of the AAVSO's most generous benefactor whose activities and interests, from the age of 14, were deeply intertwined with those of the AAVSO.
Variable Star Atlas

The Atlas should only be used for archival and historical purposes and NOT for making variable star observations. 1990, By Charles E. Scovil (205 pages) Indicates locations of all stars down to magnitude 9.5, as well as brighter variable stars whose magnitude range exceeds 0.5.  The atlas also contains all galaxies contained in the Shapley-Ames Catalogue, all Messier objects, and many other deep-sky objects, as well as diffuse and planetary nebular. 8.5 x 11-inch pages in a 10.25 x 11.5-inch loose-leaf notebook.
GCVS Volumes 3 and 5
$15.00 each

Fourth edition, edited by P.N. Kholopov (vols. 1-5) and N.N. Samus (vols 4 & 5), Moscow. To date five volumes of this edition of the General Catalogue of Variable Stars have been published. The AAVSO has volumes III and V for sale: Volume III (1987) - Pavo - Vulpecula, by constellation Volume V (1995) - Catalogue of Extragalactic Variable Stars/Catalogue of Extragalactic Supernovae
New Catalogue of Suspected Variable Stars
$15.00 each

1982 edition, edited by P.N. Kholopov (360 pages) contains information on 14,810 variable stars not named until 1980. Also includes 2,475 objects for which variability is doubtful or erroneous.
Observed Minima Timings of Eclipsing Binaries

Observed times of minima of an eclipsing binary provide essential data for obtaining the period of the system.  There have been ten publications in this series published by the AAVSO to date. The printed version of each Monograph contains: an Introduction, a table giving the publications containing previous AAVSO times of minima on each star in the Number, a table with information on the O-C minima and linear elements used in the Number, a table of contributing observers, and for each star, a compilation of times of minima and an O-C diagram based on the times of minima and the linear elements given in the Number.
Observed Maxima Timings of RR Lyrae Stars

The one issue in this series published by the AAVSO to date is, "XZ Cygni 1965-2002". The printed version of the Monograph contains an introduction, a table of contributing observers, O-C diagrams, and the compiled times of maxima data. This publication was prepared by Marvin E. Baldwin and Gerard Samolyk. .
Variable Star Research: An International Perspective

1992, edited by John R. Percy, Janet Akyüz Mattei, and Christiaan Sterken. Cambridge University Press (329 pages): Proceedings of the First European Meeting of the AAVSO. Contains 38 papers by professional and amateur astronomers covering such topics as the history of variable star research, contributions by amateurs, current understanding of the major classes of variable stars, and prospects for amateur-professional collaboration in the future. Visual, photoelectric, and CCD observing techniques are discussed.
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