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YSO monthly digest

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YSO monthly digest

I am thinking of producing a monthly HTML email newsletter for interested observers, covering YSOs to observe, general news, titbits from the Star Formation Newsletter and so on. My intention to begin with is to send to folks I know are active observers, though every issue will contain a reminder that recipients can be instantly removed from the mailing list (personally, by me). Any thoughts? Good idea? Bad idea?

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YSO monthly digest

I will be very interested in this project.
Even though I sometimes miss time, the YSOs are exciting


YSO monthly digest

I would be interested.

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YSO Monthly Digest

I think this is a great idea and goal for the group!

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Sounds interesting. I'd

Sounds interesting. I'd gladly subscribe! 

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you should mention in your mailing the HOYS-CAPS project:

Just a few days ago they issued an AAVSO Alert for a star in Cyg.

They look for amateurs in helping observing certain fields and sending in their images. I am one of those. I would also be interesting in receiving your mailings although I am not specifically hunting down YSO's but am open to any interesting target to add to my observing list.


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Thanks for the positive feedback! I was certainly going to mention Dirk's HOYS-CAPS as it may well tie in with a coming project anyway. I am planning for a December launch; although I was (and still sort of am) a web designer/developer I have never produced HTML emails before, so a bit of a learning curve there! Hopefully the emails will be of responsive design because I know several observers use mobile phones to receive emails, me included.

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