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Sequence Team Member Needed

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Sequence Team Member Needed

Sequence Team Member Needed


Experienced CCD Observer

Should have some experience working with spread sheets.

Because of the amount of detail to be absorbed, and the time commitment by the instructor,  it is hoped that a candidate, at this time,  be able to commit to remaining a Team Member for 5-10 years (or more), health permitting,  with the hope that the candidate will be able to pass on knowledge and skills to a future generation(s).

Time demands vary quite a bit but eventually you must be able devote up to ~ 4 hours/week average  (~ 150-200 hours annually)-Some weeks might be up to ~8-10 hours then little to nothing for a few weeks.


Create photometry sequences as needed for members,  both CCD & Visual.


Seqplot (AAVSO Tool)

VSX (AAVSO Variable Star Index)

VSD (AAVSO comp star data base)

VSP(AAVSO Chart Generator)

VizieR (internet library of published astronomical catalogues)

Sequence Team Spread Sheets for non Seqplot catalogues

Aladin (Internet digital sky images)

Sequence Team Web Page of Useful Documents

Principal Instructor For New  Team Member

Tim Crawford,

Please email your interest and any questions You might have directly to Tim.

AAVSO 49 Bay State Rd. Cambridge, MA 02138 617-354-0484