AAVSO Board Officers and Members - Karen Kinemuchi






Karen Kinemuchi

Ph.D, Michigan State University

I am a support astronomer for the Sloan Digital Sky Surveys (SDSS) working at the Sloan 2.5m telescope at Apache Point Observatory for the past 8 years.  While contributing to this fantastic resource for all astronomers, my main research area is with variable stars, in particular RR Lyrae stars.  

I received my Ph.D in 2004 from Michigan State University under Dr. Horace Smith.  From my student days to my current position, I have been actively engaged in Education and Public Outreach (EPO) activities.  From giving public talks to detailed research colloquia, and running sophisticated workshops to teach researchers of new (and old) tools to giving classroom presentations to third graders, I have intersected with a broad community of eager learners of astronomy.  Together, with inspiring the imaginations and curiosity and the excellent resources of the AAVSO, I hope to make astronomy more accessible, especially to those who have limited access to STEM learning.

I am a new member to AAVSO, but I have been aware of this organization since my graduate student days.  I hope to bring new ideas and foster new collaborations, especially with the professional and international researchers of pulsating variable stars.  I look forward to meeting the challenges the AAVSO Council will face as we enter the 2020s and the changing landscape of astronomical research and education.