Nova in Delphinus?

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Wed, 08/14/2013 - 18:31

 Patrick Schmeer just posted the following in the Cataclysmic Variables group on Facebook.

 "Koichi Itagaki (Yamagata, Japan) reports the discovery of an apparent nova of magnitude 6.8 in Delphinus:…;

If confirmed, it would be an ideal target for the E-nova collaboration - and other groups interested in bright, northern novae.  Early follow-up observations are strongly encouraged.

- Koji

Nova Del 2013

Hi Koji,

I have it in the queue for BSM_Hamren (California), where we should get a decent BVRI calibration for the field.  I also may be able to get BSM_Berry on it from MA a few hours earlier.