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Here are some updates for recent novae.  Four of the novae in the past 18 months were poorly studied for one reason or another.  V339 Del and V1369 Cep, because they were so bright, have lots of multicolor and visual photometry.  All of these deserve continued monitoring.  Those with big telescopes should consider taking some long BVRI exposures of the four poorly studied novae to see what their current brightness may be.  Those with good seeing should look at nova Sco 2014 and see if there is a companion.

If I have missed a nova or two, let me know!



Nova Cyg 2014 (PNV J20214234+3103296; CBET 3842) outburst March 31.  FeII type, heavily reddened.  This is a slow nova, staying at V=10.5 with oscillations, but recently dropping to V=11.5.

Nova Sco 2014 (TCP J17154683-3128303; CBET 3841) outburst March 26.  Perhaps symbiotic.  This was a fast nova, dropping from V=12 to V=16 in about 20 days.  Since mid-April, it has been constant - probably due to some blended companion.

V962 Cep (Nova Cep 2014; TCP J20542386+6017077; IAUC9270) outburst March 8.  Heavily reddened FeII.  Some oscillations near peak (V=11), but now smoothly dropping to V=16.

V5666 Sgr (Nova Sgr 2014; PNV J18250860-2236024; IAUC9269) outburst Jan 26.  Large oscillations at the beginning, with maximum around V=10, but over the last month the nova has smoothly faded to V=12.8.

V1369 Cen (Nova Cen 2013; PNV J13544700-5909080; IAUC 9265) outburst Dec 02.  Heavily observed.  Reached peak magnitude of 3.3 with oscillations, and now has faded to V=8.

V556 Ser (Nova Ser 2013; PNV J18090346-1112345; IAUC 9264) outburst Nov 24. poorly studied nova, peaked at V=15.

V1830 Aql (Nova Aql 2013; PNV J19023335+0315190; IAUC 9263) Oct 28. poorly studied nova, peaked at V=15.

V339 Del (Nova Del 2013; PNV J20233073+2046041) Aug 14. Probably best studied nova of all time.  Peaked at V=4.5, has now faded to V=12.2.  Less dense coverage this season.

V1533 Sco (Nova Sco 2013; PNV J17335943-3606216) June 3. Poorly studied nova; peaked at V=13 and now perhaps 20th.

V809 Cep (Nova Cep 2013; PNV J23080471+6046521) Feb 2.  Poorly studied nova; peaked at V=11 and now perhaps V=19.

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V5592 Sgr

Hi Arne,

Along with V339 Del, one of the more memorable nova of the past 2-3 years for me and missing from your list is V5592 Sgr (PNV J18202726-2744263)...

Brian (PRV)