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Obtaining minimum time of eclipse from eclipsing binary

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Obtaining minimum time of eclipse from eclipsing binary

I run the AAVSO Target Tool ( which fetches data regularly from VSX. I am assisting a user who wishes to obtain the minimum time of eclipse from an eclipsing binary star he is observing. Is there a way for me to obtain this within VSX?

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Are you wanting the predicted time of eclipse  (to plan an observing run), or to determine the time of eclipse from an observing run you have made?

If the former, the click "Ephemeris" on the VSX page for that star (on the same line as "epoch"), and note that precictions can be VERY wrong... 

Determining a time of minimum from your data is quite a different topic, and not something that VSX can help you with.

Gary Billings

Notebook to read ephemeris data for target tool

Thank you Sara, Dan and Gary,

I have found a code example from "stratis" which helps me to get the data out from the target tool:

I have modified the code a little bit. Below the minimum time for an exoplanet is show. Up to now its experimental. If I have a working jupyter notebook I can send it to the forum if you want.

Best regards


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Thanks for your help

I appreciate it!

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