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Outburst of symbiotic variable AG Peg

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Outburst of symbiotic variable AG Peg

AAVSO Alert Notice 521 discusses the historic outburst of AG Peg underway, its first since 1860-1870! Don't miss observing this extremely rare event.

Good observing,

Elizabeth Waagen, AAVSO HQ

Spectrum of AG Pegasi

Hi Elisabeth:

I'm an amateur astronomer from Rome, Italy, , member of UAI (Italian Amateur Astronomers Union) HQ, spectroscopy expert .I made a CCD observation of AG Pegasi low resolution spectrum  last june, 26, 2015 by a Celestron 8  @ f5 , an Atik 16 HR CCD camera (Sony ICX 285 AL sensor) and a Star Analyser 200 diffraction grating in convergent beam, dispersion 12 A/pixel, median of 20 frames, 5 secs each.If you are interested in spectroscopic observations please let me know, Anyway, I'm sending you two jpg ,the bidimensional spectrum and the image of processed and calibrated (both wavelenght and intensity) profile .

Best regards

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