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RCB Star V CrA

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RCB Star V CrA

The deep 16th magnitude minimum reported earlier this year for this star, is evidently persisting. Recent observation soon to be added to our database. 


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V CrA: Cloaked In Carbon and Sinking To A Record Low ?

Greetings All

According to our (amazing) database, the last time V CrA was seen at or very near maximum was on Nov 12, 2011 at 10.4v (MTH). When it was picked up again on March 30, 2012, it had already declined to 13.3v (PAW). A handful of faint positive detections (visual and V) had it between 16.3v - 16.56V (STI, BHQ)  between June and August 2012.

This year, I was able to observe it with a tri-color green filter, still maintaining the deep minimum, on March 25 2013 at 16.6TG (OCN). Most recently, on July 20, 2013, I recorded it down at 17.54V with a possible error of 0.12 mag. This may be a new record low observation for this RCB star. In VSX the minimum is currently listed as 16.9V.

Try to keep observing it. Negative observations are also most welcome as they greatly assist in defining the shape of the light curve.

kindest regards,

Steve O'Connor


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