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Some good resources not to be missed

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Some good resources not to be missed

 I'd like to commend and thank Grant Foster for his very insightful and accessible blog posts on data analysis techniques.


Even if you are completely comfortable with concepts such as "aliasing" and "CLEANest"--you should read these posts--if for no other reason than for CCD observers to get a better appreciation of what visual observers contribute, and for visual observers to take pride what they are doing.


Don't forget to check out the recorded Webinars on Citizen Sky from "Astro April".


Grant gives a great presentation there as well on "Uncertainty in Finding Maxima and Minima".  There are also very incisive talks by such people as Doug Welch on Cepheids, and Steve Howell on the Keppler project...among many others.


Ken Mogul (MQE)

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And also his book entitled "

And also his book entitled " Analyzing Light Curves: A Practical Guide," published by Lulu is very good.  I highly recommended it.  Kevin Paxson - PKV

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