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time series requested of current IP Peg outburst

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time series requested of current IP Peg outburst

Hello Everyone,

In my B-filtered time series of IP Peg during its outbursts, I've noticed that the system has a tendency to show unusual fading events outside of eclipse. I have been writing a paper about this phenomenon, and although I have several useful time series, more photometry would be helpful.

IP Peg is in outburst right now, and it should remain bright for at least several more days. If you'd like to help out with my project, please observe IP Peg in B or V band (preferably B) with a reasonably fast cadence (~45 sec/image or faster). Ideally, the time series would last at least one orbital period (~3.8 hours), but I realize that that's not always possible. IP Peg is well-positioned for observers at mid-northern latitudes after midnight and is sufficiently bright during outburst that my 11" telescope has no difficulty attaining a good SNR in B band with 30-second exposures.

I can't make any promises at this point, but I do expect that I'll eventually submit this paper to the JAAVSO. If I use your observations, I'd include you as a co-author. If you send me data but I don't use it for some reason, I would at least acknowledge you by name in the paper.

If you plan to observe IP Peg's ongoing outburst, please reply, and I'll share my e-mail address with you. Thanks!

Best Regards,

Colin Littlefield (LCO)

bad weather

It looks like I'll be clouded out for the next several days. I've seen some interesting dips in the out-of-eclipse light curve during the past week, and I'd like to monitor their evolution. IP Peg peaked at B = 12.5 last night, and there have been unpredictable changes in its light curve from night-to-night. Any observations would be greatly appreciated!

Best Regards,


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