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The AAVSO in the era of COVID19

March 24, 2020

I sincerely wish everyone in our AAVSO family the very best as we confront the many challenges posed by the coronavirus and affecting the worldwide community. We’re in uncharted territory with this pandemic, so be safe, and take care of yourself and your loved ones. 
Like you, we are just beginning to find our footing in this difficult and uncertain time. You’ve trusted us in the past to provide support for your observations and bring you interesting science projects. We will continue offering guidance, training, and help that you can rely on during this time.
I am sure that many AAVSOers turn to variable star astronomy as a means to fill their time, stay focused, and release stress. Our science and work are the type of continuity we all crave as everything else in our life is disrupted. For those who have access to the night sky, please keep up the good work! For those who are quarantined indoors, live in light-polluted areas, or simply have cloudy skies, we created a group of data mining projects:
You can still participate in impactful science from the comfort of your home, by revealing properties of variable stars, and you’ll get VSX credit for it!
Also, please remember that it is always a good time to acquire new skills and learn more about the variable star universe. At this challenging time, we would like to offer you two FREE CHOICE courses that will run in April and May: Exoplanet Photometry and VStar. Please sign up as soon as you can, as there are limited slots.
If there’s one thing we know from our long history working with our community, is that we will weather this storm together.

Best wishes - be safe!

Stella Kafka


“The mission of the AAVSO is to enable anyone, anywhere, to participate in scientific discovery through variable star astronomy”

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