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Transformation coefficients for AAVSONet scopes

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Transformation coefficients for AAVSONet scopes

Transformation coefficients have been added for SRO50, BSM, W28 and W30, which allows you to transform B and V images using one of the two methods available in VPHOT.


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TC calculations

You must be a mind reader. I was just chatting with Arne online last night about this very feature!! Amazing. 

Keep up the great work, Geir.

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For SRO50 we're getting

For SRO50 we're getting images in UBV.  When using VPHOT it appears there are only "known" coefficients for B-V, but not for B-U or V-U.  Do we have the coefficients for the U filter for SRO50?  Can they be added to VPHOT?



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