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UW Centauri Experiencing A 'Super-Minimum': Very Long and Deep

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UW Centauri Experiencing A 'Super-Minimum': Very Long and Deep

Hi All

I'd like to mention yet another great RCB ..... UW Cen. I've been fortunate enough, earlier this month, to get what may be the first positive estimate in 2013 of this active star. I'm reporting V = 17.02  on July 6.50UT with possible error up to 0.09V. Another, more recent look (July 22) under severely degraded conditions still puts it at fainter than 14.0V. The minimum given in VSX is 16.7V. A very quick check of the most recent AAVSO data on this star suggests the current active state may have commenced sometime between September and December of 2008. That would make the current fade at least four years and eight months long.

A couple of sequence stars on the fainter end, namely the 145 and 160, look a good deal fainter. The rest (from the 143 on down) are fine. Will drop CHET a line.

Kind regards,

Steve O'Connor


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