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V1157 Sgr

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V1157 Sgr

The RCB star, V1157 Sgr, is in the Kepler 2 (K2) Field 7. This is the first RCB star to ever fall in a Kepler field. We are proposing to observe V1157 Sgr to study its pulsations. The observations are scheduled to begin October 6th and last for about 80 days. I would appreciate any photometry that observers can get between now and then. It is just about to come out from behind the Sun. It is a very active RCB star so continuous monitoring will be much appreciated.




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V1157 Sgr observations

Hi Geoff,

I will add it to my observing list to observe it every clear night remotely from my observatory in Chile.


Josch (HMB)

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