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Variable Star Classification and Light Curves course

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Variable Star Classification and Light Curves course

If you are a new observer and would like to learn more about all the different types of variable stars and what makes their brightness vary in so many interesting ways, now is your chance to learn! Sign up now for the AAVSO's Variable Stars Classification and Light Curves CHOICE course.

This course runs from September 3 - 28 and as with all CHOICE courses, you will participate through a special forum on which material will be posted and discussion will be led by an experienced instructor - Blake Crosby. Since there are no "live" presentations, it does not matter where you live of how you choose to fit this into your busy schedule.

To sign up, click the appropriate link below:

We hope to see you there!


AAVSO 49 Bay State Rd. Cambridge, MA 02138 617-354-0484