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VPHOT down on Sunday afternoon

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VPHOT down on Sunday afternoon

In the middle of my data reduction session VPHOT began sending me time out errors. I can't get in to do anything now. This is usually because something is stuck in the pipeline or needs to be rest. 

I'm just trying to get Geir's attention so he can fix it.

Hullo, Geir. HELP!

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VPHOT down on Sunday afternoon

Hei og hå, Mike!

It was a disk running full. Again. There is not much space left on the primary disk of the virtual server (not the image disks, but the one where software is installed). So every now and then temporary files will make it run full, with a crumbling Vphot as result.

I did some disk cleaning and it is up and running again.


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Thanks, Geir. With AAVSOnet up and running again, it doesn't take long for me to get far behind in image reductions. And with the Z Cams I like to know what is happening as soon as possible.

Can this problem be avoided by asking people to delete older images they are not using to free up space?


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My understanding of Geir's

My understanding of Geir's post is that it is not the disk(s) with the images that filled up. Rather it was the software disk. Though I think deleting older images is a good thing. 

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