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VS Search

At the AAVSO meeting Doug Welch introduced me to the VS Search option.  Great tool!   But I have had a problem using it.

I have images from smaller CCD (1.3Kx1.4K) and a largerd CCD (2Kx2K).  VS Search seems to work great on images from the smaller CCD but when I try to run it on the images from the larger CCD, it appears to fail and return nothing.  The failure of VS Search appears only to occur when I try it with the larger CCD images.

I'm happy to provide images that work and don't work to anyone who wants to diagnose and fix this issue.  Thanks.

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VS Search

Please share the images with me, user name KGE, and I'll have a look at the problem.


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Thanks for looking into this,

Thanks for looking into this, Geir!

(This message should probably be moved to the VPHOT forum.)



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