Variable Star of the Season Archive

The following articles contain useful and interesting information on individual variable stars. Many of the most popular stars in the AAVSO observing program are featured.  From December 1998 until December 2002, the collection of articles comprised the "Variable Star of the Month" series. Since that time, they have all been published as part of the "Variable Star of the Season" (VSOTS) collection.

Click on one of the links below to go to VSOTS articles on stars of that type:
Cepheids G Cas Nova-like Recurrent Novae S Dor T Tauri Misc.
Delta Sct Galactic Nuclei Novae RR Lyr Semi-regular U Gem UV Cet
Eclipsing Binaries Mira R CrB RV Tauri Supernovae Z And  


Beta Cephei Stars
  Beta Cephei Stars and Their Relatives: Winter 2005
  RS Pup: January 2011
  TU Cas: Fall 2005
  W Virginis: Spring 2003
  X Cygni: September 2002
  Zeta Geminorum: March 2002
  Delta Cephei: September 2000
Delta Scuti Variables
  Delta Scuti and the Delta Scuti Variables: Summer 2004
Mira Stars
  RU Vir: April 2007
  Khi Cygni: September 2014
  Mira Variables with Period Changes: April 2011
  Mira Revisited: Winter 2006
  R Hydrae: May 2002
  R Cygni: November 2001
  R Leonis: April 2001
  Mira: December 1998
RR Lyrae
  RR Lyrae: Fall 2010
  AH Leo: Spring 2006
  XZ Cygni: August 2002
RV Tauri types
  RV Tauri: January 2009
  U Monocerotis: Winter 2003
  R Scuti: July 2000
  Antares: Summer 2014
  W Hya: April 2008
  V725 Sgr: Autumn 2006
  Mu Cephei: October 2002
  EU Delphini and the Small-Amplitude Pulsating Red Giants: July 2001
  Betelgeuse: December 2000
  Z Ursae Majoris: March 2000
  Novae: February 2012
  GK Persei: November 2000
  UX Ursae Majoris: Spring 2004
Recurrent Novae
  U Scorpii: July 2009
  T Pyxidis: April 2002
  RS Ophiuchi: May 2000
  Supernova 1987A: March 2001
U Gem and subtypes
  EX Hydrae: April 2009
  RX Andromedae: October 2007
  VW Hydri: November 2002
  IP Pegasi: December 2001
  WZ Sagittae: September 2001
  AM Herculis: June 2001
  SS Cygni: June 2000
  SU Ursae Majoris: February 2000
  Z Camelopardalis: April 1999
  U Geminorum: February 1999
Z And (Symbiotics)
  R Aquarii: Summer 2003
  CI Cygni: July 2002
  Z Andromedae: October 2000
  CH Cygni: August 2000
G Cas
  Gamma Cassiopeiae: October 2001
  Delta Scorpii: July 2011 (ES)
  RY Sagittarii: August 2001
  R Coronae Borealis: January 2000
S Doradus
  P Cygni: September 2009

Eta Carinae: April 2000


V1478 Cygni (MWC 349): July 2007

T Tauri and related stars
  RR Tauri: December 2006
  BM Ori, the Trapezium, and YSOs: April 2012
  FU Ori: February 2002
  T Tauri: February 2001
UV Ceti Variables/Flare Stars
  UV Cet: Fall 2003
Eclipsing Binaries
  W Ursae Majoris: January 2010
  Epsilon Aurigae: January 2008
  β Lyrae: Summer 2005
  Algol: January 1999
Active Galactic Nuclei
  The Quasar 3C 273: Spring 2005
  Markarian 421: Winter 2004
  BL Lacertae: January 2001
  FG Sagittae: June 2008
  FG Sagittae: November 1998
  V4641 Sgr: June 2006
  Transiting Exoplanets HD 209458 and TrES-1: September 2004
  TT Arietis: January 2002
  V4334 Sgr (Sakurai's Object): June 2002  
  V838 Mon: December 2002
  VY Canis Majoris: March 1999