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  CM Tau  
000-BFM-253 (No observations)  
Taurus Sequence
05 34 32.00 +22 00 52.0  (83.63333 +22.01444) Search nearby
B1950.0 05 31 31.47 +21 58 54.3
Galactic coord. 184.558 -5.784
Other names

(Internal only)
0FGL J0534.6+2201 1AGL J0535+2205 1CG 185-05
1FGL J0534.5+2200 1FHL J0534.5+2201 1RXS J053431.2+220218
2CG 184-05 2EG J0534+2158 2FGL J0534.5+2201
2FHL J0534.5+2201 2MASS J05343194+2200521 2RXP J053431.8+220117
3EG J0534+2200 3FGL J0534.5+2201 CSI+21-05315
Crab Pulsar EGR J0534+2159 GeV J0534+2159
PSR B0531+21 PSR B0531+21.9 PSR B0532+21
PSR J0534+2200 SN 1054 SN 1054A
Tau X-1 UCAC4 561-018141 UGCS J053431.93+220052.2
URAT1 561-064141 X 05315+219 XMMOM J053431.9+220052
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Variability type
Spectral type cont
Mag. range
-6.0: - 17.7 V
Discoverer --
Outburst 1054
Period --
Rise/eclipse dur. --
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1 GCVS Team SN 1054 in the Crab nebula (NGC 1952 = M1); pulsar NP 0532. The outburst epoch is JD2106210:. The pulsed radiation varies precisely in phase over the whole spectrum, from radio waves to gamma rays with P = 0.033S in the range 13.9m - 17.7m V. P var [P.E.Boynton, E.J.Grothe III, R.B.Partridge, D.T.Wilkinson, ApJ 157, L197, 1969., M.Demianski, M.Proszynski, MN 202, N2, 437, 1983.]: 0.033095563927s (JD2440297.5094) <= P <= 0.033242051159s (JD2444312.750).
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1 Hong-Yee Chiu, R.Lynds, S.P. Maran, PASP 82, 660, 1970. 1970PASP...82..660C
2 V.Trimble, PASP 82, N486, 375, 1970. 1970PASP...82..375T
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3 Schmeer, Patrick 2018-05-01 10:16 UTC Gaia DR2 position.
2 Admin, VSX 2010-01-04 23:43 UTC Position updated from the GCVS version of November 2009.
1 Admin, VSX 2005-12-17 20:33 UTC Initial upload.