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  eta Aql  
000-BCT-763 (29946 observations)  
Aquila Sequence
19 52 28.37 +01 00 20.4  (298.11821 +1.00567) Search nearby
B1950.0 19 49 55.62 +00 52 33.0
Galactic coord. 40.934 -13.073
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55 Aql AAVSO 1947+00 ASAS J195229+0100.2
BD+00 4337 HD 187929 HIP 97804
HR 7570 IRC +00457 RAFGL 5437S
SAO 125159    
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Variability type
Spectral type F6Ib-G4Ib
Mag. range
3.48 - 4.39 V
Discoverer --
03 Sep 1957 (HJD 2436084.656) Ephemeris
Outburst --
Period 7.176641 d
Rise/eclipse dur. 32%  (55.12 h)
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1 Otero, Sebastian Alberto Triple. Short period binary in HST data and B9.8V companion 0.66" away (2013AJ....146...93E). Combined range given.
2 GCVS Team P var. P = 7.176344d (JD2373000 - 95100), P = 7.176455D (JD2395100 - 2412100). Since JD2412100 - see Table. For the whole interval Max = 2442794.773 + 7.176735d*E + 2.18d*10**(-8)*E**2 [L.Szabados, Bud Mitt N76, 1980.]. In the UV band the light of a possible A0V comparion is apparent.
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1 Evans, N.; Bond, H. E.; Schaefer, G. H.; et al., 2013, Binary Cepheids:
Separations and Mass Ratios in 5 M ⊙ Binaries
2 Photoelectric observations of Cepheids in UBV(RI)c (Berdnikov, 2008) 2008yCat.2285....0B
3 G.Pojmanski, Acta Astronomica 52, 397, 2002. 2002AcA....52..397P
4 Perryman, M. A. C.; et al., 1997, The HIPPARCOS and TYCHO catalogues 1997HIP...C......0E
5 Shobbrook, R. R., 1992, UBV(RI)c observations for 13 bright Cepheids 1992MNRAS.255..486S
6 P.P.Parenago, Perem. Zvezdy 11, N4, 236, 1958. 1956PZ.....11..236P
7 W. Ceraski, 1908, Nouvelles de la Science, Variétés 1908BSAFR..22..241C
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1 Phase plot Otero, Sebastian Alberto 2016-10-12 16:57 UTC Phase plot with HIPPARCOS, Berdnikov and Shobbrook data.
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5 Otero, Sebastian Alberto 2016-10-12 16:57 UTC Period and range from HIPPARCOS, Berdnikov and Shobbrook data.
4 Otero, Sebastian Alberto 2016-10-07 21:10 UTC Spectral type from 2013AJ....146...93E. Maximum magnitude from 1992MNRAS.255..486S. Minimum magnitude from HIPPARCOS data.
3 Billiaert, Bruno 2015-12-29 18:48 UTC discoverer added (1908BSAFR..22..241C)
2 Admin, VSX 2010-01-04 23:43 UTC Position updated from the GCVS version of November 2009.
1 Admin, VSX 2005-12-17 20:33 UTC Initial upload.