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  BP Tau  
000-BBG-808 (11008 observations)  
Taurus Sequence
04 19 15.83 +29 06 26.8  (64.81596 +29.10744) Search nearby
B1950.0 04 16 08.63 +28 59 14.1
Galactic coord. 168.336 -14.915
Other names

(Internal only)
AAVSO 0413+28 HBC 32 HD 281934
HIP 20160 IOMC 1827000032 MHA 259-7
SVS 691    
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Variability type
Spectral type K3Ve-M0Ve(T)
Mag. range
10.7 - 13.6 B
Discoverer --
Outburst --
Period --
Rise/eclipse dur. --
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1 GCVS Team There are quasisinusoidal light variations with P = 7.6d [F.J.Vrba, A.E.Rydgren, D.S.Zak, P.F.Chugainov, N.I.Shakhovskaya, BAAS 16, N4, 998, 1984.].
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1 S.A. Artemenko, K.N. Grankin, P.P. Petrov, 2013, arXiv:1301.2493
2 C.J. Crockett, N.I. Mahmud, L. Prato, 2012, arXiv:1211.1389 [astro-ph.EP] 2012arXiv1211.1389C
3 J. Alfonso-Garzon, A. Domingo, J.M. Mas-Hesse, A. Gimenez, 2012,
arXiv:1210.0821 [astro-ph.IM] (online info)
4 L.N.Mosidze, Abastumani Byull. N37, 13, 1969. --
5 P.N.Kholopov, Perem. Zvezdy 8, N2, 83, 1951. --
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4 Admin, VSX 2013-01-14 23:17 UTC Update from [2013arXiv1301.2493A].
3 Admin, VSX 2012-11-10 22:48 UTC Update from [2012arXiv1211.1389C].
2 Admin, VSX 2010-01-04 23:43 UTC Position updated from the GCVS version of November 2009.
1 Admin, VSX 2005-12-17 20:33 UTC Initial upload.