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  UZ Ser  
Serpens Sequence
18 11 24.90 -14 55 34.0  (272.85375 -14.92611) Search nearby
B1950.0 18 08 33.37 -14 56 17.7
Galactic coord. 15.117 +1.832
Other names

(Internal only)
2MASS J18112486-1455341 AAVSO 1805-14 AN 56.1924
Lanning 666 UCAC4 376-109025 USNO-B1.0 0750-0520405
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Variability type
Spectral type pec(UG)
Mag. range
12.0 - 16.7 p
Discoverer --
Outburst --
Period (26.4 d)
Rise/eclipse dur. --
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1 Otero, Sebastian Alberto GCVS outburst cycle 26.4 d. Standstill between July and September 2005.
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1 Samus, N. N.; Kazarovets, E. V.; Durlevich, O. V.; et al., 2017, General
Catalogue of Variable Stars: Version GCVS 5.1 (November 2019)
2 Simonsen, M.; Boyd, D.; Goff, W.; et al., 2014, Z Cam Stars in the
Twenty-First Century
3 Radial Velocity Study of UZ Serpentis 2007RMxAA..43..291E
4 R.A. Downes et al., 2001, PASP 113, 764 (2006 archival version) 2005JAD....11....2D
5 R.A. Downes et al., 2001, PASP 113, 764 2001PASP..113..764D
6 UZ Serpentis: A Second Standstill 1989JAAVSO..18...105D
7 Unusual Behavior of UZ Serpentis 1987JAAVSO..16...91D
8 N.Vogt, F.M.Bateson, AsAp Suppl 48, N3, 383, 1982. 1982A&AS...48..383V
9 M.Petit, CT 86, 229, 1970. 1970C&T....86..229P
10 Catalogue of Stellar Spectral Classifications (Skiff, 2005) 1944PASP...56..230H
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7 Otero, Sebastian Alberto 2020-05-24 13:43 UTC Position from the GCVS (November 2019 version).
6 Otero, Sebastian Alberto 2019-02-01 03:13 UTC Type from 2014JAVSO..42..177S. Gaia DR2 position.
5 Otero, Sebastian Alberto 2011-04-26 15:34 UTC Primary record creation. Orbital period from reference. Range from AAVSO data. Spectral type from Skiff (2010).
4 Admin, VSX 2010-01-04 23:43 UTC Position updated from the GCVS version of November 2009.
3 Dyck, Gerald P. 2006-08-30 01:09 UTC Visual observation of standstills in 1987 and 1989 indicate that this star should be reclassified as UGZ.
1 Admin, VSX 2005-12-17 20:33 UTC Initial database population.