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  R Cen  
000-BBV-294 (31376 observations)  
Centaurus Sequence
14 16 34.30 -59 54 49.0  (214.14292 -59.91361) Search nearby
B1950.0 14 12 56.90 -59 40 55.1
Galactic coord. 313.419 +1.213
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AAVSO 1409-59 ASAS J141635-5954.8 CD-59 5160
CPD-59 5476 GDS_J1416250-595508 GDS_J1416257-595453
GDS_J1416285-595440 GDS_J1416288-595502 GDS_J1416293-595359
GDS_J1416305-595536 GDS_J1416351-595524 GDS_J1416366-595417
GDS_J1416374-595544 GDS_J1416375-595525 GDS_J1416404-595523
GDS_J1416416-595429 GDS_J1416429-595518 HD 124601
HIP 69754 HR 5326 RAFGL 4191
SAO 241580    
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Variability type
Spectral type M4e-M8IIe
Mag. range
5.3 - 11.8 V
Discoverer --
16 Sep 1973 (HJD 2441942) Ephemeris
Outburst --
Period 546.2 d
Rise/eclipse dur. --
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1 Otero, Sebastian Alberto Period and amplitude decreased.
2 GCVS Team VB A (B 12m, 28", 218deg). Epoch of Min I is given. Min I 0.00P, Max I 0.23P, Min II 0.47P, Max II 0.64P. <Max I> 5.8, <Max II> 6.0, <Min I> 11.1, <Min II> 8.3. P var. P = 561.3d before 1918; since 1918 - see Table. H2O maser.
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1 M. Hackstein, Ch. Fein, M. Haas et al., 2015, AN 336, 590 2015AN....336..590H
2 G.Pojmanski, Acta Astronomica 52, 397, 2002. 2002AcA....52..397P
3 T. Karlsson, Maxima of Mira stars --
4 General Catalogue of Variable Stars, 4th Edition, Volumes I-III, P.N.
Kholopov et al.
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4 Otero, Sebastian Alberto 2018-07-06 04:45 UTC GDS cross-identifications added.
3 Otero, Sebastian Alberto 2011-01-06 00:36 UTC Primary record creation. Period and Epoch from ASAS-3 data.
2 Admin, VSX 2010-01-04 23:43 UTC Position updated from the GCVS version of November 2009.
1 Admin, VSX 2005-12-17 20:33 UTC Initial upload.