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What kind of variables are these blue stars?

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What kind of variables are these blue stars?


I've started another survey meant to find variables around faint, blue targets (B-V < 0.2) with CRTS data. UG stars look quite obvious, but the list of targets with not matched type is getting longer and longer. Vartypes page on VSX doesn't seem to help, as I can't match with anything related to "white" (relating to white dwarfs) and "blue" words in these descriptions. Mostly, all these are about extremely short periods, but only NL and NL/VY seem reasonable to show something longer.

I am leaving a few examples of variables found. Their light curves can be checked on CRTS page.

02 01 34.180 +12 53 31.09 (too long outburst for an UG?)

00 58 10.005 +18 56 22.60

01 05 33.710 +10 24 19.65

01 14 09.187 +12 07 19.88

02 19 36.418 +11 53 24.48

01 52 26.075 +11 41 18.87

02 04 16.480 +13 09 39.37

Okay, so except the first one, I expect the rest show long term variability. Known nova-like variables look quite different from what we see there (this is my opinion). Does anyone have any idea or a hint what these objects could be? Gaia doesn't show proper motions of faint blue stars, so I don't know if it's a close white dwarf or a further blue giant. I don't think these are AGNs or quasars.

Found targets are meant to be submitted to VSX, that's why I posted this here.


Gabriel Murawski

After more analysis I

After more analysis I realised that all these objects are actually blue quasars.


Gabriel Murawski

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