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AAVSO Acronym of the Day: VStar

Today's AAVSO acronym of the day is VStar – Variable Star Analysis Software

VStar is a multi-platform, easy-to-use variable star data visualization and analysis tool that was originally developed as part of the AAVSO's Citizen Sky project. Data for any star can be read from the AAVSO database or from a text file of your own creation. Using VStar you can plot light curves, phase plots, do period analysis, polynomial fits and time frequency analysis. You can even create your own custom plug-ins to perform other analyses. The AAVSO, with support from the National Science Foundation, is delighted to make this powerful software available to anyone, free-of-charge.

This is just one example of the tools and programs the AAVSO provides to its members, observers and the astronomical community. Please help support these services by contributing to this year's Annual Campaign.

You can mail a check to AAVSO headquarters, or you can make a donation online. Just click the Donate Now button on our home page and select Annual Campaign in the drop down menu.

Maybe today or this week isn't the best time for you to make a donation. That's okay, make a pledge. We'll take you at your word if you promise to make a donation to the Annual Campaign before June 30, 2014. To make a pledge click here.

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