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The membership database is currently undergoing upgrading/testing. Web functions that involve an interface with the member database (webobs, etc.) may experience intermittent problems. We hope to have this issue resolved within 24 hours (by 5pm Eastern Time on October 1st or 12:00 UT). Thank you for your patience.

Below is a list of the staff who work for the AAVSO Headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Click on the names for more information.

    * Sara Beck—Technical Assistant, Special Projects
    * Gloria Ortiz Cruz—Data Entry Technician
    * Jordan Gibson—Administrative Assistant
    * Arne Henden, Ph.D.—Director
    * Richard "Doc" Kinne—Astronomical Technologist, IT   
    * Will McMain—Web Developer
    * Sebastián Otero—External Consultant, VSX Team, Spanish Translations
    * Michael Saladyga, Ph.D.—Technical Assistant, JAAVSO and Newsletter Production Editor, Archives, Library
    * Mike Simonsen— Membership Director and Development Officer
    * Matthew Templeton, Ph.D.—Science Director
    * Rebecca Turner—Operations Director
    * Kathy Vnek—Bookkeeper
    * Elizabeth O. Waagen—Senior Technical Assistant, JAAVSO Associate Editor, AAVSO Newsletter Editor
    * Donna Young—Lead Educator, Chandra E/PO Office, SAO/NASA

AAVSO 49 Bay State Rd. Cambridge, MA 02138 617-354-0484