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Below is a list of the staff who work for the AAVSO Headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Click on the names for more information.

    * Sara Beck—Technical Assistant, Special Projects
    * Gloria Ortiz Cruz—Data Entry Technician
    * Jordan Gibson—Administrative Assistant
    * Arne Henden, Ph.D.—Director
    * Richard "Doc" Kinne—Astronomical Technologist, IT   
    * Will McMain—Web Developer
    * Sebastián Otero—External Consultant, VSX Team, Spanish Translations
    * Michael Saladyga, Ph.D.—Technical Assistant, JAAVSO and Newsletter Production Editor, Archives, Library
    * Mike Simonsen— Membership Director and Development Officer
    * Matthew Templeton, Ph.D.—Science Director
    * Rebecca Turner—Operations Director
    * Kathy Vnek—Bookkeeper
    * Elizabeth O. Waagen—Senior Technical Assistant, JAAVSO Associate Editor, AAVSO Newsletter Editor
    * Donna Young—Lead Educator, Chandra E/PO Office, SAO/NASA

AAVSO 49 Bay State Rd. Cambridge, MA 02138 617-354-0484