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The AAVSO Archives—Finding aids

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The AAVSO Correspondence Collection—all material found filed in letters folders, many of which were found labeled with a specific correspondent’s name.

The AAVSO Organization Collection—any material pertaining to AAVSO’s divisions, committees, minutes, treasurer’s files, secretary reports, and so on. These are, in general, any files involving decision-making that were found filed as such, apart from the AAVSO Correspondence files and other collections. This collection also contains anything pertaining to the AAVSO in general which does not fall into any of the other categories.

The AAVSO Administration Collection—items such as meeting notices and planning, papers relating to publications and mailings, samples of printed matter, business items, and so on. This is generally any material generated by, or representative of, routine office functions, and which was found stored as such.

Special Collections—material given or bequeathed to the AAVSO, and any internal material that cannot (or should not) be assigned to the AAVSO Correspondence, Organization, or Administration collections; for example, the AAVSO Charts Collection.

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