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AAVSO Trivia Contest

AAVSO Trivia Contest

Test your knowledge of the AAVSO! Every day we'll post a new trivia question to the website.

We have over 100 trivia questions, with topics covering the AAVSO, its history and its members. We'll rotate the question every day of 2011--come back every day and see if you can answer all of them! When we run out of questions, we'll start over from the beginning, so if you miss a question, it'll be back around in a few months.

We'll be displaying a leaderboard with the 10 people who have answered the most questions correctly. We'll also have a weekly leaderboard for people who answered the most questions correct each week.

The AAVSO Trivia Contest has ended! Thanks to everyone who participated. We'll be posting the final results here soon.

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